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The Psychology Practice

My Practice, The Psychology Practice, based at Batchworth Lock, (pictured here) Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire, offered psychological assessment, treatment and consultation to children, adolescents, families and adults.

Our clinicians were all expert, and highly experienced; appointments were offered with no (or minimal) wait times; our clinics were scheduled at convenient times to accommodate school and working hours. And the Practice was calm, comfortable, and containing.

Based on this model of excellence, The Psychology Practice quickly became established as a go-to resource.

Patients were referred from near and far by GPs, other health consultants, state and independent schools. Patients and parents of patients self-referred too as word-of-mouth led to more and more recommendations.

We offered psychological assessment and treatment, for families, children, adolescents, and adults with a range of psychological and mental health difficulties. Our specialist services included those for separating and divorcing parents; those with neurodiverse conditions, such as autism and ADHD; and well-being services for schools.

In July 2022, I closed The Psychology Practice to enable me to pursue consultative, charitable and community roles as a clinical psychologist.

Taking clinical psychology beyond health and education

Taking psychology into the yet wider world has always been a focus of my work and my interests. My roles beyond health and education have included:

  • Member of the British Board of Film Classification’s Advisory Board on Children’s Viewing.
  • Member of the BBC magazines’ Youth Editorial Review Board.
  • Member of the BBC magazines’ Annual Review Panel.
  • Trustee and committee member, Holocaust Learning UK.*
    Via the provision of bespoke films based on survivor interviews and testimony, Holocaust Learning UK exists to encourage secondary school students to learn about and understand the events of the Holocaust and hence to eschew discrimination, racism, xenophobia and intolerance, to build a better, safer future for all.
    Within my role as Trustee, I bring my clinical psychology skills to ensure that the films made are appropriate and meaningful for the age and emotional development of our intended audiences.

*Holocaust Learning UK is a registered charity, no: 1186871

Taking clinical psychology into the wider health and education world

I have also always been an ardent advocate for the role of psychology away from direct psychological treatment.

My services in the wider health and education world have included:

  • Training and consultation to health workers in other health specialities, such as health visitors, school nurses, bereavement counsellors, and breast care / oncology nurses.
  • Training to schools, particularly as concerns about the mental health of children and teenagers has increased.
  • Webinars and in-person events, bringing psychological understanding and advice to wide audiences via schools and community organisations.